Saturday, July 23, 2011

After a bit of time.

Time does just kind of slip away. One minute here a day or two there and pretty soon your looking at social security. 13 months from now I will be eligible, will it still be there when I get there?

Oh well, 50 50 chance, either it will or it won't.

Darren Clark wins the British, that's a good thing. That's 2 majors in a row won by spectacularly non-spectacular golf. Straight hitting, great putting and awesome short games will beat the longballers every time.  We can learn from that. Play it forward (shorter) hit it straighter and make some putts.

Darren's philosophy of having his attitude affect his golf game instead of his golf game affecting his attitude is another gem we can all take to heart.

For my self well the weight is coming down, the scores are coming down and I feel pretty good. The foot is still a bit of a nag, but I can live with it, well me and Mr. Aleve. Will play several times this next week to see if my swing will hold up. I'll let you know.


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