Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 1

Following the direction of my own book, I have begun the mastery process on me, actually a pretty poor student. To get to the mythical place of the '0' handicap index I have some pretty tough obstacles to overcome.
1. Time
2. Effort
3. Money

Actually those are the key ingredients to any and every endeavor. I am able to commit plenty of #1 and #2 not so much #3 so my plan must fit that constraint.

  • I am 60 years old, not an obstacle, at least not one anyone can do anything about.
  • I am overweight, that is an obstacle that effects performance a little, but since I ride it's not to big of a factor, still I want to loose 40 pounds.
  • Physically fit???  Not bad, but I have limited flexibility in the lower back, that is an obstacle. Doing a lot of stretches, using my Prorelax electrical stimulator. Most importantly seeing Dr Matt on a regular basis. I have the strength for golf but not the flexibility.
  • Ability. I have eagled every hole on my home course except 3 of the par 3's. Only one hole in one in my life. That means I have the ability to score low.
  • Skill. I believe skill is the automatic habituated high-quality application of ability.  That only comes with repetitions, hitting lots of balls on purpose and with a purpose.  Lots of time in my hitting area in the garage.  Probably will still only play once a week, maybe twice on occasion. So the question is, "Can a casual golfer be a scratch golfer?"

1 comment:

  1. Interesting;
    Having struggled to achieve mediocrity in many sports with lots of work, desire, time, study and more work, I really CAN understand.
    The fact is that only the level and details of the struggles differ.
    Forty pounds less would be just about right.
    I do need to stretch to increase/maintain flexibility.
    There's nothing I can do to make myself "young" again and be only 60. At 72 (soon 73) I am atill physically able to par our "easy" course.
    I simply don't.
    Pete B