Monday, January 3, 2011

first week

Played on New Year's day.  More of a practice session with friends. Targeting was way off, tend to miss to the right. Short game was very irratic, had a tough time getting the ball to stop close to the hole on chips and short pitches, took several holes to get the feel of the "freeze dried" greens. Very hard and very fast.

Sunday hit several 9 irons on the range. At 75 yds my direction was excellent but distance control was off, I was long. At 115 yds the distance control was much better but I was hooking the ball. Discovered I was taking the club too far to the inside on the way back, need to remember to swing down the line, , , up the line.  It worked.

For this project I have decided to play-like-Moe.  Single plane, single axis, Natural Golf.  The basic feel of  "Fold - Unfold" the right arm is coming back. Need to focus on facing the ball at impact.

Weight loss. Not missing the carbs so much, lots of chicken, steamed mussels and clams last night, Thanks Tom and Debbie.  Do miss the alcohol.  Weighed myself and was acutally surprised at the weight I have gained.  40 lbs weight loss is still the 90 day goal. When I shot a video of my swing I expected to look like Moe but not as fat as Moe.

Playing for real tomorrow morning. Skins games and a couple of Nasa matches.  Focus will be rhythm and tempo and facing the ball and impact.

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